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William Shatner boldly went where few have gone before via Blue Origin

William Shatner entered space today for this first time in his life. What? Those Star Trek episodes and movies weren’t filmed in space? No, but now at age 90 he can say he actually flew in space.

Before today’s mission there was an outpouring of support from other’s in the space community.

Neil deGrasse Tyson shared his well wishes:

As well as LeVar Burton:

And of course NASA, which the tweet had an interesting reply on it:

Elon Musk wished him well even though he is flying with a competing private space company. While there has been very heated remarks back and forth between Blue Origin and SpaceX CEO’s, there is still a mutual respect for what they are all trying to accomplish.

Less than a month ago Elon Musk’s SpaceX sent up 4 non-astronauts into space for 3 days in orbit. It flew higher than the international space station and had a Docuseries on Netflix that showed all it’s glory in 4k. If you have not watched the Inspiration4 series, I highly recommend you do.

Captain Kirk himself put a tweet out with a profound message:

After his flight he returned home safely and was very emotional when he exited the capsule:

William Shatner’s thoughts on the trip to space

As space opens up to everyone, this experience will be had by many more to follow.

William Shatner had a short video pre-flight to go through his journey to space:

YouTube video of William Shatner Journey Pre-Flight

It is very moving to most in the space community seeing Captain Kirk himself go into space for real. Star Trek pioneered space entertainment making it mainstream for all to enjoy in science fiction. Now science fiction has become fact and that fact is Captain Kirk was REALLY in space.

Watch the entire mission here:

YouTube video of New Shepard Mission NS-18


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