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Terror Dogs steal the show in Ghostbusters: Afterlife International Trailer

We have all be anxiously awaiting the arrival of Ghostbusters: Afterlife. The movie has been pushed back multiple times due to COVID but the release is finally near. To keep people’s appetites hungry for more they have released a steady stream of snippets and trailers. The new international trailer shows a lot more of the ghostly characters than previous trailers.

The Terror Dogs from the first installment of Ghostbusters have been revealed. The assumption is they will be Zuul the Gatekeeper of Gozer and Vinz Clortho the Keymaster. In the trailer you also see a short glimpse of what looks like Gozer climbing out of some kind of pit.

Will Sigourney Weaver make an appearance? What about Rick Moranis? There have been reports that Sigourney will return but not Rick Moranis who retired from the entertainment industry in 1997. Recently Rick Moranis made an appearance in Ryan Reynolds commercial for Mint Mobile:

Mint Mobile Commercial featuring Rick Moranis

Though there are reports of Rick Moranis not returning you can never know for sure. Jason Reitman the son of the original director Ivan Reitman is at the helm of the new installment and they could have some surprises for us still.

If you haven’t seen the Ghostbusters: Afterlife international trailer posted by Sony International on YouTube, make sure you check it out:

I for one am extremely excited to see the third installment after so many years of missing the genre and characters.



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