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The must-have fall clothing item: Kirkland sweatshirt?

Is this shirt for real, or just a joke?

The internet is at it again, simultaneously making fun of and generating crazy demand for the silliest style item of Fall ’21. We’re talking, of course, about Costco’s Kirkland Signature sweatshirt, which bears its own logo across the chest.

Kirkland Signature is Costco’s store brand. You can buy Kirkland just-about-anything, from sparkling water to parchment paper. It’s absolutely not a sexy brand name. It’s the absolute generic of the generic. People typically make some sort of effort to hide the fact that the item they are sporting has any association with Kirkland. But, uh… not this shirt.

Undoubtedly, you were always able to go into Costco and buy a Kirkland brand sweatshirt for pennies on the dollar compared to one from Nike or UnderArmor. But you never would have known it was Kirkland brand without observing the tag. This shirt, however… well, it’s a walking advertisement.

It’s safe to say that anyone wearing this is doing so ironically for a laugh (and yes, we would absolutely laugh), works for Kirkland, or bought it for its quality and comfort and is so beyond understanding why someone would think this was funny. “Why are you laughing at my shirt? I like it!” You definitely know some friend whose mom would be wearing this and be clueless.

We’re not sure who at Costco thought this up, and if they were being serious or if they were poking fun at themselves. But this sweatshirt is pretty much everything.

Previously, Kirkland Signature’s only real brush with pop culture fame was a very minor reference on a Christmas episode of The Office, when Erin the receptionist specifically requested a Kirkland cola at the Christmas party when she was, in fact, able to order any drink from an open bar.

To make matters better, the internet is loading up the Costco page with amazing reviews for this gem of a shirt. The item currently boasts a 4.8 rating out of 1,023 reviews. Do yourself a favor and read through a few of the reviews for a laugh. There are plenty of great amateur writers out there, and they always seem to shine through in random product reviews!

To be fair, this shirt isn’t new for the fall. In fact, most reviews go back to the winter of 2020. But it’s really taking on a life of its own right now, and guess what? It’s in stock! So stock up now and guarantee some smiles on Christmas morning!


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