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Michael Keaton’s Batman appears in The Flash Trailer

The long awaited “The Flash” trailer made its debut today at DC FanDom which was broadcast live on YouTube. Ezra Miller introduced the trailer to fans while everyone was waiting for the big reveal of The Batman trailer.

The trailer starts out narrated by Michael Keaton himself, at which point I am sure everyone who recognized his voiced gasped with glee. Then as the trailer goes on you finally get the silhouette reveal of Michael Keaton’s version of the Batman costume. To make sure people got really excited at the end of the trailer, as movie studios typically do, they should Ezra Miller aka Barry Allen pulling off a white clothe on top of a car. Though they did not show the car, it is presumed to be the famous Bat Mobile from the 1989 Batman movie.

This trailer focused on Ezra Miller’s return as The Flash and Michael Keaton’s return as Batman. The trailer did not reveal Ben Affleck’s Batman or any other possible crossover characters from alternate universes. Fan’s already knew Michael Keaton was in it but we can only expect there will be more surprise actors in the film.

The Flash will debut November 4th of 2022 so we have a long time to wait for more. I am sure more trailers will be released before it’s release next year that might give us more hints as to what else we can expect. Until then enjoy this trailer from DC FanDom:

The Flash Official Trailer


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