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TV Update: Curb, Ted Lasso, Barry, Saul & More

Our TV team scoured the web for updates from some popular series.

In the days where network television dominated the landscape, it was ultra predictable—shows debuted in the fall, ran about 22 episodes, and ended in the spring, with reruns showing all summer. But in the era of streaming, it can be hard to keep track of when your favorite shows are in production and when their newest seasons might start.

Let’s catch up on the latest on some fan favorites and when you can expect them to return to your screens.


The breakout HBO hit starring Bill Hader as the titular hitman-turned-actor character has been on hold since pre-pandemic. After some big wins at the 2019 Emmys, the show has seemingly disappeared… until now!

Hader shared today that Season 3 of Barry has only one month of filming remaining, and that an air date is slated for sometime in 2022. And we know there won’t be a huge delay between seasons 3 and 4, as Hader reported the scripts are almost complete for the fourth season. Great news!

Curb Your Enthusiasm

It’s hard to fathom that this show has been on since before Tom Brady made his NFL debut, but HBO’s long-running semi-scripted comedy starring Larry David as a fictional version of himself is nearly ready to return… soon. Extremely soon. As in, days from now.

Larry, Cheryl, Jeff, Suzie and the gang are back on HBO for its 11th season starting October 24!

Better Call Saul

You no doubt are aware of the well-publicized medical events surrounding star Bob Odenkirk on-set of Saul this past summer. In shooting the sixth and final season, Odenkirk suffered a cardiac event, shutting down filming for weeks.

Unfortunately, it does not seem like we’re all that close to any pertinent information about the show’s return. Earlier this week, one of the show’s top writers gave this succinct update that simply indicated he’s back on-site for filming in Albuquerque, leaving fans with plenty of questions. Our guess would be somewhere around May 2022 for a debut.

Ted Lasso

Season 2 only wrapped up its run on Apple TV days ago, but fans are impatiently waiting any news about the third (and rumored to be final) season. The show was originally set to be only three seasons, but its huge popularity may wind up forcing star Jason Sudeikis and co-creator Bill Lawrence’s hand.

As of now, there is no reason to get too excited. The third season has not been written yet, and certainly no production or air dates have been announced. We can’t wait to see where the writers go after the cliffhanger of season 2 involving Nate!


The breakout comedy hit of 2021, Hacks told the story of an aging comedienne making her last stand in Vegas, pairing up with a struggling millennial writer. Jean Smart won the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress for the show, and we think the hilarious young Hannah Einbinder may have been snubbed for Supporting Actress.

There will be a season 2, of course, after the major cliffhanger of season 1 as the pair boarded Deborah Vance’s private jet. The show’s popularity caused HBO to sign on for Season 2 just days before the Season 1 finale aired in June. As to when? That’s anyone’s guess. Just know that it is happening!

Rick & Morty

The fifth season just completed its 10-episode run a month ago, so it’s going to be a while before Cartoon Network’s newest installment of the intergalactic animated comedy. Fans know there is more coming because of the massive 70-episode commitment the network gave the show.

This is no ordinary cartoon, of course, and the episodes take a long time to produce. However, the writers are way ahead of where you might expect. Reports say that they have already completed writing Season 6, and were even working on Season 7. While we’re watching the final product, they’re busy writing the upcoming seasons.

A release date in the fall of 2022 feels likely at this point.


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