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Opinion: Mandalorian mustache is tactical and here is why…🥸

Don’t worry this won’t have any spoilers beyond the fact that we all know the Mandalorian played by Pedro Pascal has a mustache in the series under that helmet of his. While Boba Fett is nearly entirely hairless under his helmet a lot of people have asked the question why not the Mandalorian? Why would he care if he has a mustache and why does that mustache appear shaped?

Maybe Jon Favreau just didn’t think about it or care about but at the same time someone like him is always very detailed oriented. Did Jon purposely make this decision? Or was this something the actor decided? I am sure as time goes on that question will get answered by the shows creators or one of the actors but my opinion is that it is tactical. I think it is tactical from two directions. One is the promotion of the show itself. Look at how many of us are now writing articles about a freaking mustache on one of the shows characters all because he is never supposed to show his face but he has to in order for the plot to be realized. In reality it was part of the suspense in the plot for his face to be revealed so why not have a mustache that everyone will talk about and ultimately promote the show and spin off more theories and more excitement around it.

The second reason it is tactical? Sweat. Boba Fett has no hair and the cold steal (I imagine it’s cold, I guess we don’t really know that either) is not shielded by his hair. Therefore, Boba doesn’t really sweat all that much which means he doesn’t worry about water beading up on his upper lip. People also have different levels of sweat so maybe Boba just doesn’t sweat much anyways. The Mandalorian does sweat. As soon as he removes his helmet you can tell some sweating was going on under there from his hair. That mustache provides the much needed layer of protection to his upper lift from annoying sweat that he would have to keep reaching up under there to wipe off. I would assume it also helps shield him from the smell. Yes. The smell. That thing is on his head all day and he is wearing some of the heaviest armor and in some of the hottest climates while he is running, jumping, beating, shooting, and carrying Grogu under his arm all day. Can you imagine how much he smells all everyday? That mustache is there to help shield some of that smell.

In short. The Mandalorian is sweating a lot. Wear that mustache proudly Pedro. We dig it. What are your thoughts?

Mandalorian Mustache Surprised
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