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Peacemaker HBO Max Series Teaser released during DC FanDom

Peacemaker is set to premier on January 13th 2022. Five of the series episodes are directed by James Gunn himself. Peacemaker is based off the DC Comics character that was featured in The Suicide Squad and will be the first spin-off series in the DC Extended Universe. The Peacemaker Teaser was released during DC FanDom today October 16th 2021.

Obviously the Peacemaker series will be made for adults as The Suicide Squad was one of the most raunchy and violent comic movies we have all seen in awhile.

Peacemaker looks like it is going to harness some of the awesome and the comedy from The Suicide Squad movie while giving more context to John Cena’s character.

There are are also going to be quite a few brand new characters revealed including Vigilante:

Vigilante in HBO Max Peacemaker Trailer

Fan’s are really excited about these two pairing up in the series. The entrance of Vigilante is quite humorous as he is hiding behind a trash bin following the rest of the team around. He pops his head out and then jumps out and waves in a funny “here I am!” type wave.

John Cena seems like the perfect person to play this character and add a level of humor to the show that people want to see more of since The Suicide Squad. You will likely find yourself laughing out loud during this trailer just as you did during The Suicide Squad.

HBO Max has not disappointed since the streaming service has released with some amazing straight to HBO Max movie releases as well as new series. HBO Max will have more DC releases on their service and has definitely teamed up strongly since Zack Snyder’s Justice League was released.

DC FanDom has show many trailers today for new movies, series, and cartoons. Peacemaker was a nice surprised to see but obviously everyone was really watching just to see Black Adam and ultimately The Batman.

Make sure you check out the trailer for Peacemaker on HBO Max’s YouTube:

Peacemaker, HBO Max Series Teaser Trailer



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