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ROBIN test footage YouTube clip going viral from Jamie Costa

Who is Jamie Costa? If you do a quick search on IMDB you won’t find a lot. You will find that he has done some voice acting, fan films, youtube videos, shorts, and a couple other very non famous but interesting things.

He was a voice actor in Final Fantasy VII remake which we have another article on but other than that he is primarily a YouTube “star”. I put that in quotes because he has only 126k followers at the time this article was written.

Today a clip he made with presumably the same group he does his other fan videos with is starting to go viral. This clip is a biopic Robin Williams teaser that has fans wanting more.

Personally I was completely taken back by the footage. His impersonation and even just the fact that he looks like Robin Williams intrigued me. As I proceeded to watch the clipped I was amazed at how professional not only the YouTube clip was but also the acting. Take a look for yourself:

Jamie Costa plays Robin Williams in this YouTube clip

Are you more intrigued? You wanted to see more didn’t you. If there is ANY movie studio out there who is willing to pick this up, I would be first in line to watch. Even if this was on some subpar streaming service or a straight to video type situation. The acting in the clip from both actors is really good and the impersonation of the late Robin Williams is just exceptional.

Robin Williams was a positive influence on all of our lives and as we all miss him dearly, maybe we can get a piece of him back in a biopic with Jamie Costa playing his complicated yet fun personality.

What I like most about his clip is how respectful it is to the late actor. This wasn’t just a straight “Look I can do impressions”. This was a true representation of what it might have been like to be behind the scenes with this icon. I really hope we get to see more than this 5 minute video. Let me know when it is release in a full length feature film and let’s give Jamie Costa a chance.



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