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LEGO announces 9,090 piece Titanic, Largest Set

LEGO has expanded its setlist year after year but never with something of this size and number of pieces. The Titanic set is 9,090 pieces, spans 54in in length, costs $629, and is 18in tall!

The set is made for expert level creators which suggests you are 18 or older. The real question is how long it will actually take to assemble this monstrosity. When completed you will want a place to display it since you likely won’t be dissembling it to assemble again some day.

LEGO continues to outdo itself with larger showpieces and also using creative input from its own fans. Fans can vote up or down ideas and if it gets enough votes, LEGO will create that set for its fans to purchase. Set’s like Friends and Seinfeld have come out of these fan requests.

The announcement video was shared on LEGO’s Twitter:

Reveal post via Twitter

The design itself looks very complex and would be a great display piece for people who enjoy the history of the Titanic.

It splits into 3 main sections where you can view internal components of the ship itself. The detail on this particular build is immaculate and probably also why it is one of the largest sets every created. LEGO didn’t want to disappoint and put a subpar product for such a great historical ship.

While the assembly may take over a year the reward will be worth it in the end. Just don’t accidentally knock it off the shelf because expert level reassembly is probably worse than the initial assembly.

As you can see from the images it is quite elaborate with removeable, moveable, and masterfully designed parts and pieces.

The only disappointment is there is no Jack, Rose, and a door to go with it. Otherwise this should be an exceptional show piece for your office, den, or your massive LEGO display room if you happen to have one.

What will LEGO come up with next?



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