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Dazzle your trick-or-treaters with these bold new-ish Halloween candies

These treats range from sour to chocolatey to just plain bizarre.

While kids would no doubt be delighted to receive the same old traditional Halloween goodies ranging from Skittles to Snickers to Twizzlers, you can be the envy of every Tom, Dick and Harry on your block by upping your game this season! Before buying the jumbo bag of same old, same old, mix it up some unexpectedly creative twists on favorite candies!

Candy execs have probably spent the past eleven months coming up with new gimmicks and clever ways of selling their products. “Hey, what if we dye these things green and put a witch on the bag!” It may be the same old recipe and ingredients as ever, but as they say, it’s all about marketing.

The weirdest of the bunch is Brach’s Thanksgiving dinner flavored candy corn. Candy corn in itself is pretty controversial, right up there with circus peanuts. People tend to either love it or loathe it. But this wild twist on candy corn might make even the most devoted fans cringe. This stuff is said to be a little tricky to find in retail stores, so if you come across a bag, you might want to snatch it up fast.

Reese’s, the king of all things peanut butter + chocolate, has put out its latest Peanut Butter Cup goodie, the Reese’s Franken Cup. While it won’t taste any different to the novice taste bud, it sure would be more fun to eat one that’s half green.

KitKat, everyone’s favorite crispy wafer treat, has introduced a pumpkin pie flavored version, with what is clearly a very naturally-colored orange outer layer. KitKat on its own has to be one of the better values of any mini version of Halloween candies—you get two sticks as opposed to the full version of 4. With most candy bars you’re getting like 30% of the big version at best. So this appears to be a slam dunk, win-win for all involved.

kit kat pumpkin pie

What would a Halloween candy season be without some new version of Snickers? While these aren’t necessarily Halloween-exclusive, the Snickers Peanut Brownie candy bars are pretty new to the market. Reviewers on sites from Target to Amazon are raving about these little bundles of sugary goodness.

What do you think the odds are someone created this candy, couldn’t market it very well, and went to Snickers and asked for their help marketing it?

Lastly, we think any sourpuss out there will love the newest Skittles. “Shriekers” supposedly is all about sour, but beware, some of them are way more sour than others. Guessing Warhead level sourness?

So, what do you think, dorks? Will you be stealing any of these from your kids’ Halloween buckets? Or will you be opting for the tried-and-true stuff? Let us know!


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